Hello SisSTAR! I am Tracie Anderson and I am overjoyed you are here. Let me share a little about myself. At 48, I have discovered and truly believe every step I have taken and each breath exhaled, has unfolded into Confab Confetti; my life assignment on earth.


I grew up surrounded by strong, determined Black women. I was blessed to know and grow within the wealth of wisdom from my Great-Great, Great, Grandmother and Mother. Yet, in spite of this legacy of love, rape at age 16 silenced my voice and began to dim the light of my self-worth. I was badly broken, and I didn’t tell.


Attempting to fix my own life, I sought safety in young lust-love; married and entered motherhood at age 17, and ultimately divorced at 23. I was in a soul spiral. My mind’s capacity was beginning to flood, and subconsciously I was running from facing it.


I was determined not to be a statistic. I was in fear of tarnishing the acceptable ‘life-labels’ of my existence. So, in my broken state and untethered mind, I pushed head-on creating more life chaos with choices stemming directly from my broken place. I elevated beauty on the outside, while harboring depression dis-ease within. The result? An mental and emotional spontaneous combustion!


It took 8 years, a tremendous tribe of support - including my family, professionals, survivors and a fierce SISTERHOOD of life-lifting love to resurrect me. But, first I had to expose my truth, evolve to living within pure authenticity - and, yes an intentional FIGHT for freedom from a spirit stifling darkness.

I know I am not alone. And, that is the purpose the confab is born. I keenly understand we each become wisdom’s witness along the ebbs and flows of our journey. We are here as a source and resource of ‘whatever you need’ sisterhood. 


Because, I know this for sure. This life road can be harsh - yet indeed becomes just a bit lighter and far brighter when we have a sacred sisterhood showering a bit of love graced confetti along the path.

Sisterhood is like oxygen...don’t attempt to live without it.

Xoxo, Tracie


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